It’s always great to hear that YOU enjoy our workshops.
Here is some of the feedback we’ve received from previous participants:

Feedback on STTS

“The feedback has been collectively positive. Participants felt that their time was exceptionally well spent and that the learnings in regards to integrating both head and heart in our daily working lives were important.

We will certainly join our voices to those of the participants in highlighting to colleagues throughout the business community the value of the STTS training to our business operations and planning.”

Hasnorimah Basari, Corporate Events Manager, The American Chamber of Commerce
“The workshop is very engaging. I have learnt a lot and will definitely apply what I’ve learnt at work, and even at home! The workshop is awesome!”
Linda Ong, PA to Senior Director, Ministry of Communications and Information
“I enjoy the courses conducted by STTS, as I feel inspired, motivated, revived and recharged. They will definitely enhance my success at work. Shirley Taylor and the trainers are full of energy and drive.”
Ivy Ng Chua Kim Choo, PA to Divisional Director, Ministry of Manpower
“I had so much fun at the training workshop. I’m really happy that I came to STTS. The right choice.”
Christina Low, Assistant Manager, Sembcorp Parks Management
“I had so much fun learning. STTS are THE BEST!”
Latha d/o Munigayyan, Executive Assistant, DSTA

Feedback on Shirley Taylor

“Shirley is an inspiration who helps audiences believe they can, and then provides them with the skills and tools to do it. Her communication training is always innovative, always impactful, always comprehensive and always, always fun. Her keynotes are equally engaging, thoughtful and story-driven so audiences connect beyond the concepts to a deeper emotional level where action eventuates. And her passion for taking care of her clients and delivering extraordinary outcomes is world-class. Shirley embodies the human difference. I love her to bits, and you will too.”
Tim Wade, Global Motivational Speaker on Leading Change and Increasing Motivation
“Thank you for an awesome presentation at AmCham Singapore on May 15. Everyone attending the event was singing your praises! Your presentation “Rock Your Role in Our A.I. World” was timely and on target to help attendees better deal with the current challenges and changes of their role in the future. Sure, AI might be taking over the world, but a human touch is still needed! The practical concepts and tools you shared will be easy to remember and apply, not just professionally but personally as well.

It is really amazing to see the change in attitude in the individuals who attended the session. “Please keep us informed if there’s any more of Shirley’s events” and “I want to come again next year” have been some of the words we received. The attendees were not prepared for your enthusiasm and energy. You had them laughing, smiling and participating all the way. Once again, the knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact on our attendees. You left them begging for more.”

Nathan Sivarajah, Corporate Events Manager, The American Chamber of Commerce Singapore

“Thank you for your delivering your one-hour keynote ‘Rock Your Role In The Digital Workplace’ for our quarterly event. I’m very happy that your session went really well! Your humour and liveliness appealed to many and it was a joy to have you speak. With our tagline including ‘Human Touch’, it’s so great that you stress the importance of the human touch in all your workshops and keynotes. We must have you back again soon.”

Eileen Lee, Senior Administrator, Sales & Marketing and Assistance Services, Asia, International SOS

“Shirley, your keynote ‘Rock Your Role – How to Make a Difference at Work’ was well received with positive feedback. You were of high energy and engaging as always. The connecting the dots segment made everyone self-reflect and the video was inspiring. Of course, the best part was your customised EZ-Link rap, and our colleagues are asking if you can give us a copy so that they can refer to when they need an energy booster. Thanks very much again for the excellent session. We look forward to our continual partnership with you in the future.”

Georgina Chung, Human Resources, EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore
“Shirley was engaging and full of energy throughout the entire session! There was a good balance of learning and laughter and she gave good examples to bring across her points. Shirley knows how to keep her audience engaged by making them participate in her session. Everyone who attended gave positive feedback.”
Muhammad Fareez, Assistant Manager, Health Science Authority
“motion organised a leadership conference and invited Shirley Taylor to give a keynote speech that was meant to inspire and motivate the delegates. What Shirley did was beyond expectations. She delivered a presentation that hit all the right notes with memorable takeaways that left an impact. We received praises from delegates who really enjoyed the session.”
Hajar Manaf, Creative Director at motion - the creative influence
“Shirley Taylor has very high quality standards for all her events. Her easy going and lively personality makes working with her easy and fun. I have great confidence in her organisational as well as people skills. She is magnanimous, and her generosity can be seen easily during any of her events. She is a good business partner and a great friend to have!”
Christian Chua, President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore
“The tips and pointers are very relevant and easy to grasp. I can apply them tomorrow! The trainer is fun and engaging. It is hard to fall asleep, considering writing skills could be quite boring. Well done!
Teresa Wang, CPF
“Shirley was so warm and forthcoming with stories of examples of mistakes made writing emails. She highlighted on the pros and cons of grammar usage, language, tone. Keep the good work and help liberate writing as a fun and enjoyable experience.”
Margaret Santa Maria, Walt Disney
“Good interaction between speaker and participants.”
Ng Guat Lei Angie, SPRING Singapore
“Cheerful, lively, not a dull moment. We learnt up-to-date information.”
Doris Lim, Sembcorp Industrial Parks Ltd
“Shirley has been great keeping the class alive with her humour!”
Esther Chua, Merrill Lynch Global Services
“The magic of converting a boring subject into a lively, exciting, interesting and educational experience.”
Maria Kassova, Rose Sky Pte Ltd
“I thoroughly enjoyed the one-day workshop which helps me to better understand the fundamentals of being a great communicator. Shirley is an outstanding and inspiring presenter cum communicator. Thanks so much for conducting such an exhilarating workshop.”
Harry Foo, Senior Lecturer, Nanyang Polytechnic
“Finally I managed to attend your communication workshop today. I liked how it was organized and the fun way it was conducted. Your workshop was thorough and elegant down to the last detail. And it went really deep with me.”
Yang Wang, Senior Applications Scientist, Nanometrics Singapore
“Shirley’s enthusiasm and humour is fantastically amazing and entertaining. No falling asleep in this workshop!”
Low Ying Wai, Logistics Administrator, SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
“OMG!! This is the most superb and enjoyable seminar I’ve ever attended. Very educational and so many takeaways that I can put into practice immediately.”
Sulastri Yusorh, Assistant Manager, Allianz SE Reinsurance
“Thank you Shirley for bring back my enthusiasm in writing good letters and emails. You are a fantastic trainer.”
Suguna Ramasamy, Senior Assistant Director, Home Team Academy
“The most meaningful training I have attended, with the most ‘take-aways’!”
Lynn Wong Yoke Liang, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd
“It is fun. Very different from the other workshops I have attended. Participation was very good.”
Belinda Yeo, CIMB Securities Pte Ltd
“Wonderful. The best workshop I have ever attended. The trainer is very humorous.”
Yulin, Singapore Prison Services
“Shirley conducted the workshop in a lively and interactive way. Her high energy level had boosted the class spirit.”
Joanna Tan, Koher Power Systems
“It was very informative, useful, practical and definitely a “Must Attend”.”
Miki Khoo, Societe Generate
“I learnt that in replying to customer’s feedback and emails, learn to pronounce in full and not to take short cuts. It was effective learning in a fun way.”
Doris, Ikano Pte Ltd
“It helped me to improve other people’s impression of me as they will see me based on what I write.”
Ng Shi Yuan, CAAS
“This workshop helped me learn to use the points given by the trainer to write and communicate effectively so that we will be understood.”
Mary G.P, DSTA
“Shirley’s bubbly personality livens-up the session all the time. The books and the hands-on exercise give me a good kick-start to improve my writing skills. Thanks.”
Daryl Lim, Singapore Polytechnic
“It was a truly entertaining and fulfilling experience.”
Abdul Aziz, Ikano Pte Ltd
“Shirley Taylor was excellent in her presentation skills. I was able to follow her throughout the session. This workshop will help me to improve my communication, interpersonal and stress and time management skills.”
Jayanthie, National Security Coordination Secretariat
“Shirley, you are great. This is the best workshop I have ever attended.”
Angela Ong, Senior Secretary, ST Architects & Engineering
“I enjoyed Shirley Taylor as a trainer. She is very sharp, humorous and engaging.”
Dawn Ou, Admin Assistant, Trinity Methodist Church
“Shirley Taylor was very good with her presentation skills. She really knows her facts.”
Yvonne Chin, SMRT Corp Ltd

“I love the tone of voice and the accent of the trainer, Shirley. Very comforting and enjoyable. Very comprehensive notes/information provided. Nice seating arrangements. Many perks.”

“This has reaffirmed what I should do to improve myself at work. Been reminded to work more positively and better.”
Calin Chong, Executive Secretary, Infowave Pte Ltd
“I enjoyed Shirley’s real-life experiences and knowledge. She’s cheerful and was able to make the workshop lively. The workshop is very enjoyable. Keep it up!”
Faridah Taib, Higher Clerical Officer, NIE
“This workshop is very interesting, giving more knowledge for secretaries and Pas.”
Patricia Nin Lisawati, Secretary to MD, PT Indosat, Indonesia
“The trainer is very inspiring with her experiences, showing that with positive attitude you can make anything happen. Face ourselves, recognise our strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Step out of your comfort zone and make things possible.”
Siew Eng, Clerical Officer, IE Singapore
“This is a very interactive session and all topics are relevant to my daily work. Shirley really helps to make this workshop very enjoyable!”
Melissa Ng, Hilton International
“I am a very quiet person and your workshop forced me to communicate with the rest. I really enjoyed myself and just a little push that I needed.”
Ariana, School of the Arts, Singapore