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Maria Kassova



with Maria Kassova

Build Rapport And Trust To Establish The Right Environment

  • 60-90 minute interactive webinars
  • Customised specially for your organisation
  • Staff can attend while sitting at their desks
  • Easy-to-use Zoom webinar platform
  • Live Q&A session included
All participants will receive

  • A downloadable handout prior to the webinar
  • Recording of the webinar

Using Tough Conversations To Build Stronger Relationships

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools to sustain motivation, grow expertise and progress in our careers. More often than not, feedback is associated with ‘constructive criticism’. There is much power in giving positive feedback. It lets managers know what works, and allows them to re-enforce these productive behaviours and solution generating approaches. Learn the process for giving both positive and constructive feedback. Build rapport and trust to establish the right environment for optimum delivery and acceptance.

About Maria Kassova

Maria Kassova is a cultural immersion coach and a confidence trainer. Her passion is to inspire people to be the best they can be. Originally from Bulgaria, Maria has lived, studied and worked in many different countries and now Singapore. This exposure has made her particularly open to and skilled at connecting with people of all nationalities and faiths, and she brings this sensitivity to her workshops and coaching sessions in both the corporate and non-profit arenas.

Maria’s warmth, approachability and vast knowledge of her subjects create an upbeat, lively and effortless learning environment. Participants leave feeling invigorated and confident to be themselves, and follow their goals and dreams.