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Shirley Taylor’s Business Writing Quick Reference Cards

Shirley Taylor’s Business Writing Quick Reference Cards

Price: US$10.00

Shirley Taylor

Shirley's Quick Reference Cards are an exciting learning tool to help you remember all the key points of modern business writing. Each of the 26 cards features key concepts, practical tips and action ideas from the seventh edition of Shirley's bestselling book. These cards are perfect for use by individuals or teams to learn more about building relationships through effective writing. Shirley's Quick Reference Cards are a great learning resource, and a great gift too!
Shirley's Quick Reference Cards make self-improvement easy. They are a fun, easy way to stay motivated and inspired to learn modern business writing skills.Simply change the face card each day, and follow the lessons presented on the card.
Here's a suggested use for your team: Deal one card to each team member. Each person then reviews his or her card and selects one principle to share with the rest of the team. Other members then describe how they relate to the idea presented and how they can put it into practice. Use a different card every day and learn how to write clearly, simply and effectively.
28 Pocket-sized cards
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