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STTS can provide you with speakers for your next event.

Do you need a speaker for a conference, team building, luncheon, executive retreat, or employee recognition, customer appreciation, or fundraising event? No matter what the occasion, STTS has the best motivational, inspirational or educational speaker for you.

STTS keynote speakers are:

  • experts in their field
  • high-energy, high-content speakers
  • knowledgeable from their practical experience in the topic
  • able to engage and connect with the audience
  • able to inject humour and make the session memorable
  • passionate about motivating people to do things differently

STTS keynotes are:

  • educational and informative
  • customised specially for your event
  • interspersed with real examples to bring the topic to life
  • compelling, thought-provoking and engaging
  • full of useful tools and strategies that can be used immediately
  • interactive and engaging to ensure retention
  • inspirational and motivating to encourage individuals to change

When you work with STTS keynote speakers, you can be sure of buy-in from audiences and teams that will drive success on personal, professional and organisational levels. Clients will enjoy increased engagement, increased leadership abilities, and ultimately increased business results.

STTS keynote speakers look forward to ‘rocking’ your event!



Rock Your Role
Shirley Taylor

Present Yourself Powerfully
Marianna Pascal

The Rhythm Of Winning
Christian Chua

Body Language Hacks
Christian Chua

Maximise Your Memory For Peak Performance
Nishant Kasibhatla

How To Develop Razor Sharp Focus
Nishant Kasibhatla


Connecting With Customers
Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman


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