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How To Write More Clearly With Energy, Impact, and Heart!

  • Customised training
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Engaging, practical training
  • Group work and practical exercises
  • Specially-designed takeaways
  • Follow-up e-learning program
  • Certificates for participants
  • Feedback summary for client

Your Trainer

This workshop is designed by Shirley Taylor. It may be conducted by Shirley Taylor or one of her licensed trainers.

Workshop Overview

Let’s Stop Confusing Readers. Email and business writing skills have never before been so crucial. However, so many messages are unclear and long-winded. Readers are confused, can’t find key information, and don’t know what’s expected of them. As a result, people are wasting time going back and forth playing ‘email ping-pong’.

The Key Is Plain English. In this comprehensive, one-day workshop, Shirley will share the main principles of writing in Plain English. No matter how complex the information, you’ll learn how to use a reader-centred approach to craft clear, concise, understandable, well-structured messages.

Write To Express, Not To Impress. The days of thinking we will impress readers with big words and long sentences are long gone. Today we must aim not to impress but to express ourselves clearly and concisely. The way to do this is to use Plain English, plus something that technology doesn’t have – a human touch!

What do participants say?

“Thank you Shirley for bring back my enthusiasm for writing good letters and emails. You are a fantastic trainer.”

Suguna Ramasamy, Senior Assistant Director, Home Team Academy

“The most meaningful training I have attended, with the most ‘takeaways’!”

Lynn Wong Yoke Liang, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd

Workshop Objectives

  1. Identify specific challenges of the writer and the reader.
  2. Determine the features of good and bad business writing.
  3. Learn the one key mistake most people are making, and how to fix it.
  4. Recognise old-fashioned phrases and language to be avoided.
  5. Apply the main principles of Plain English to add clarity and impact.
  6. Use language that builds trust and develops great relationships.
  7. Adopt a reader-focused approach to all your written messages.
  8. Use modern language that is natural, active, courteous and sincere.
  9. Structure messages with impact to help yourself as well as your reader.
  10. Improve format, style, language and tone of real business messages.

Key Components

Challenge The Old, Embrace The New

  • Reader and writer frustrations – what are yours?
  • Common criticisms that annoy and confuse readers
  • Woe or Wow? A fun game analysing common language used today
  • Challenging the old ways and embracing a modern approach
  • One key mistake most people are making, and how to fix it

The Power Of Plain English

  • The main principles of using Plain English
  • Adding authority and impact to your writing
  • How Plain English can build confidence and gain trust
  • The one thing you have that technology doesn’t – a heart!
  • The importance of putting a ‘human touch’ in all your messages

Using Reader-Friendly Tone

  • The real impact of using the wrong tone and the right tone
  • Warm or cold, clear or confusing? What do readers want?
  • Writing reader-friendly messages that get the right results
  • The benefits of positive instead of negative language
  • Adding impact to your writing with appropriate tone

Structuring Messages For Added Impact

  • Common pitfalls in organising written messages
  • Shirley’s 4-point plan to structure all messages effectively
  • Simplifying complex information with bullets, numbers, tables
  • Analysing and transforming written messages
  • Bring in your own emails to analyse and edit

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